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If you have recently looked in the new phone book and realized that your information is not up to date, here are some easy steps for you to update it for the company. You can also change your password from here once you set up your password management page. 

1.  Go to

2. Use your User name and password to login. (Username is FirstNameLastInitial an example is KirstenD)

 3. Update your information on the main page and click update. 

4. Click on "Password Management" at the top of the page after you have selected "Update" which will save your information. 

5. Set up some security questions so that if you need to reset your password you can do so by answering some questions about yourself. 

6. Press update to save your questions and answers. 

After you set up your security questions you can click on "password change" and change your password. 

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