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Add a Shared Calendar

1. Open Outlook.   *depending on what version of outlook you are using it may look different, but the steps are still the same. 

2. Open up to the "Calendar" page.

3. Click the "Open Calendar" button toward the top of the screen. An select "Open Shared Calendar.

4. In the pop-up box begin to type the calendar you are looking for. In this example I am looking for the Fire Planning Calendar so I typed fire. Then select "OK."

5. Select the specific calendar you are looking for from the list and then select "OK."

*EOC City Hall is not the conference room it is the EOC room that is used by emergency services.

            * Some of the calendars that are popular are conference rooms: [EOC Conference Room, Development Services Conference Room, Economic Development Conference Room, Facilities Lunchroom, Conference Room(this is the Large Conference Room).]

6. Once you have selected "OK" the calendar you choose will pop up. 

NOTE: Once you have access to the calendar the creator or someone with rights just has to right click the calendar from their account select properties and give you the necessary permissions. 

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