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All conference rooms are in transition to this format.

Everyone has booking permission, but you no longer add appointments by right clicking on the calendar. When you select a new meeting or new appointment from the top menu you just select EOC Conference Room as the location.

1. Go to your Calendar page.

2. Select "New Meeting"

3. Then select a Room.  

4. Then select the EOC Conference Room or any other room as the location.  

*EOC City Hall is not the conference room it is the EOC room that is used by emergency services.

5. Some of the rooms need approval first so when you book the room it will need to be approved. Once approved you will get an email notification. If you are submitting a last minute meeting and need to get it approved right away please submit a ticket and let us know. 

It you need to view the calendar and see if it is available click here.

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