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Accidentally deleted someone on the waitlist:

1. Click History on the left side of your screen

2. Find the person you deleted, most recent will be toward the top. 

3. Click the restore button: 

Add a new customer:

1. Click the add button

2. Fill out the form completely using the terms that were agreed upon first. PLN/BLD/ENG will need to be easy to distinguish whose line they are in.

3. Set their wait time, based on how many are in the queue. You do not need to give them an assignment yet, because you don't know which window they will be called to yet. 

Call the customer to your window:

1. Click on the customer's name

2. Add your window in the assignment field and click save. 

3. After you have given them their assignment and saved, you can click the call button

4. A pop-up will appear asking for confirmation, please click yes. If it says that they have already been paged and will not let you text them again, you can either close out this ticket for them and create a new one, or call their phone number that is listed. 

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